The Art of Letting Go

Every relationship has its plot when concluding happy endings. It may be the most painful chapter in your favourite book but could also be the best front page.

As contrary to what others say, the word ‘goodbye’ lies on the top ten most used word in human history. Good and bad goodbyes, yes, they both exist. Farewell is another beginning and opens up opportunity for people to be happy and remember who they were before they met each other which is mostly for the best. Always.

It is never easy but sometimes fate needs to do a little push for people to let go, realize the logic and understand the point. The problem is, not everybody can and will never understand the idea behind it and dwell in hurtful memories.

It will take time but for others, but regardless, it will always be painful whatever we do.

No relationship is permanent, only God’s connection with us is changeless. The feeling of seeing someone you’ve been with for some time, whom you used to be with during your ups and downs, someone you built your dreams with, who made you happy even in your darkest hour— I know, bidding farewell can be very overwhelming.

Mixed emotions, I should say. Anxious of what will happen when you see him, with your heart beating faster than a race car.

Then you anticipate.

You start greeting each other – hi and hello.

Smile to one another and start talking to yourself,

“I’m good. I’m really happy to see you and I’m delighted with what we have right now. I’m glad because we’re friends, same as before. Yet, my heart, the hurtful and awkward feeling of seeing someone I deeply fell in love with for a very long time… It’s not as easy as 1 2 3 to let you go totally. But then, I now realize, I already know how to let go. There was love, yes, and it will never be gone. But then again, everything will stay as recollections… pleasant memories.” 

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