Improbable ROADS

Im·prob·a·ble (imˈpräbəb(ə)l) is an adjective used to describe unlikely situations.

  • 1 not likely to be true or to happen.
  • 2 unexpected and inauthentic.

Synonyms: unlikely, doubtful, dubious, debatable, questionable, uncertain, unconvincing, unbelievable, incredible, ridiculous, absurd, preposterous, outrageous, etc.

I used improbable roads as the title of this blog because of the unlikely circumstances and the things I’ve learned all through my life. There are a lot of things that I never thought I could do, feel and say.

  • I was doubtful that I would ever become a nurse because I already gave up my profession years ago. Yet here I am. I’ve been an ED nurse for almost five years now. 119473399_355719169122116_6642028365554287910_n
  • It was also unlikely that I would eat vegetables because I hated them ever since I was born. I now eat veggies if I can, and has been a part of my meal plan every week.
  • I find it ridiculous to work without being paid or getting any compensation. I volunteered in a public hospital at home for six months and even went on a 16-hour shift, free of charge.
  • I’ve always found it absurd to work in Makati because of how densely populated the city is. I worked in one of the busiest ED’s in the Philippines and is in Makati Central.


  • I have always thought I would never age beyond 30 because life was so hard. I thought I would die of poverty. Now, I am turning 31 years old, just got married and just starting my own family with God at our center.
  • I’ve always believed that nothing good would ever come out of having a relationship with a coworker. My co-worker and I got married on the 9th of February this year in one of the most amazing places in New Zealand, Lake Tekapo.


These are just some of the circumstances in my life that I thought would never happen. I thought that the peculiar events in my life would come to an end when I got married. Yet, I feel as though I am just at the beginning of a bigger story. I used to dream big, that a lot of things I wished for was beyond my reach. All that ever mattered then was just survival. The luxury of choice was a mere illusion for me even after graduation.

Everything went black and white after I finished school. It took years before I finally understood that I lived in a fairy tale full of fictional characters with no super powers against evil stepmothers. It’s funny how a few words can either lift your spirits or break them completely. Fortunately for me, my mother’s words, “God has plans, and yours are different from His plans” were words that I lived by.

I believe that everyone changes every day, and as they age, they either shift for the better or the worst. And I have come to understand that maturity doesn’t come with age. It just happens.

I hope everything goes well with everyone who had the same sentiments as I had when I first wrote this blog. I wish you well, and may God bless you in your future endeavors. I pray that may you find your peace.

“It is never too late to start over. If you are not too happy with yesterday, try something different today, do not stay stuck. Do better.”

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