Who’d have thought I’ll go back to where everything started?

I used to be a customer service representative for five years, transferred from one company to another because of the frustration of not practicing the profession I was born for. Two days after I graduated I started working as a call center agent. I’ve talked to all kinds of people from thousand miles away, made friends with different individuals who offers variety of opinions and point of views, met different colleagues who shared the same passion and exasperation I used to feel.


This was life six years ago. This is where I usually spend the night and all the important holidays of the calendar. Coffee, friends and conversations were the only reason I was able to get through. The people I met made me who I am today, they are the ones who made me feel that life is a fight or a vicious cycle that we all have to overcome. These people made me laugh, made me cry, helped me through my dark days (financially and emotionally of course) and taught me how to be strong and be bolder than ever. This is even the place where I met the person I want to spend the rest of my life with.

These people believed in me, they told me that one day, everything will work out according  to God’s will and to be always faithful even though misfortunes says hi and hello to me everyday.

I owe the person I am today to these guys, and I’m pretty much sure that they know it already. God used them to help me get through all the issues and gave me all the support I needed.

But then again, nothing is definite. Change is inevitable and I got to shake things up. I had to say good bye and say hello to God’s will for me. I need to stop the procrastination and move on with the scheme that I never thought will happen. After my sister graduated from college and passed the board exam she said, “Ate ikaw naman. Mag nurse ka na.” (It’s your turn, be a nurse.)  

I’m actually at the point of my life that I don’t want to resign, but God moved. I got sick that I had to quit my job and rest. So, I stopped working for three months. I applied to different institutions, got rejected several times then volunteered to work as a nurse to a government hospital. I made new friends and everything feels kind of new to me! I’m a little overwhelmed since I’m not really familiar in nursing patients anymore, but I know how to check someone’s blood pressure though! But aside from checking their vital signs, I don’t know anything and literally forgot everything.

And these guys helped me, even though they find me annoying (I think) and talkative they made sure that I know what I’m doing and my license will not be revoked (for some reason). Kidding aside, they mentored me, told me everything I need to know since I’m back to zero starting breaking onto new grounds AGAIN. These are the people who helped me gained the courage I needed and the confidence in practicing my profession.

Since I’m not being paid as a volunteer nurse, I had four extra jobs. I worked as a home-based data entry operator, transcription agent, chat support and seasonal private duty nurse in the same hospital plus the eight-hour shift as a volunteer. I can say that it was pretty difficult for me since I never got used to ask help from my parents especially with my personal finances.

After six  months of volunteering, I received a text message that I am invited for an examination. I was skeptical at first thinking that I’ll just wait to be absorbed by the institution where I was staying that time. But my mother pushed me, she insisted that I should try and if it’s not for me, then so be it. So, after a few tests, interviews and some training, I am now an employee, an emergency staff nurse in my dream institution and department.

These people are the main reason why I am stronger than yesterday. They taught me what it really means to save people, stand up for what I believe is morally right, trust my own skills and capabilities, think correctly, not let people belittle what I do and to have fun even though everything is chaotic and falling apart. They also taught me how to keep my composure even though the situation is in complete muddle (which is still in progress of course). These are the people who makes me feel that everything is under control even though it is not.

Believe me it’s not easy, it’s actually hard, level 10 difficulty. It’s emotionally, mentally and physically tiring but fulfilling. I never felt so stupid in my life that I almost gave up, I thought to myself, “Why not go back to where you’re good at? Taking calls or giving customer service to people over the phone?”  But then I realized, ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained.’

I started poorly and as of the moment, I am still a work in progress. My mentor has been really patient with me whenever she teaches me everything I need to know and even though I’m working on my own she makes sure that we still have the time to talk about what I’ve learned, my mistakes and other things that I need to know.

I know the salary is something that we have to consider the most, but always remember that God has plans for everyone, it may not be okay at first but one day everything will work out the way how you wanted it to be. I remembered someone I talked to about my money issues, she said:

‘It’s all about the purpose.’

I know it’s pretty difficult, but I can say that I am a living testimony that change is difficult but it’s something that we have to embrace. Remember when I said I needed to work four jobs just to get by? When I was working as a call center agent, I usually don’t eat during breaks I just drink coffee or take a nap in the sleeping area in the because I don’t have the money to buy food and prepare packed lunch. If I can do it, so can you.

I need to make a headway and to move mountains. What happened to me today was never a part of the plan, it was never in the plan in the first place. All I wanted was just to work as a nurse in any institution after I graduated but if ever it doesn’t work out, I will just keep my job as a customer service representative and work hard for my family.

Remember, ‘a change is as good as a rest .’

And for the record,  being a call center agent is not an easy job, you need to have the motivation, patience and the will to move on with life. If you want to be stagnant in your current state, you’ll owe it all to your self. But if you want to move forward, you got to challenge the status quo. Regardless if it’s within the same company, same occupation or in a different profession.

To all who believed in me, thank you. And to others who never believed in me, thank you as well! Without you, I may not be where I am today.

Who knows, maybe one day you’ll wake up in a situation you never thought you will be, like me. Be thankful to God for that then, will you?

God bless! 🙂

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