Cinemaroma: Review About The Photographer Who Captured The Heart of Our Wedding

Lale Tekapo

Capturing the most magical moments in your life requires careful and meticulous planning especially for a wedding. I admit we had a hard time finding the perfect photographer during our wedding. When I was a bit younger, I thought you could just choose the most expensive option and then that should do the trick. However, there are a lot of considerations like your budget, the quality of the photos/videos and the location as well.

We struggled to find the one that’ll suit our conditions, till we met Omar. 

Red Velvet Cake

Omar is a professional photographer who’s got superb skills that’s currently residing in Dunedin, NZ. He takes photography and videography on a different level. 

I am a huge fan of wedding videos especially the ones that celebrities share on their respective platforms. Omar exceeded our expectations. The finished product was on par with prominent video makers in the Philippines. Me and my husband was speechless when we saw our wedding video, it was the culmination of all our hard work. 

He was efficient, organized and patient as well. He was very creative, energetic and easygoing that we just followed whatever he told me without noticing that we were done. 

He makes you comfortable and confident in front of the camera. I never thought I’d be able to do awkward poses but for some reason he manages to capture the best of the moment.

His energy and laughter is so contagious that we had such a blast during the entire shoot!

He goes the extra mile. We had our wedding in Lake Tekapo. He suggested stopping by some awesome picturesque areas on the way which was a really good idea. It was raining during the ceremony and he didn’t care if he was going to get wet. All he ever cared was to capture the right moment at the right time. He was open to our ideas as well, and did the final product exactly how we wished it would be. 

So, if you’re ever in Dunedin or anywhere in Otago, New Zealand looking for a photographer, look for Cinemaroma.

I was amazed by his passion for photography. To think that he works five days a week, on a night shift, and is a father. I couldn’t help but ask, “How do you cope with all this?”

“My wife and I like creating magical moments. We like keeping memories, they make us happy.”

I attached some of the photos on this blog for your reference. If you want to check out his works, you can view his Facebook profile.

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