Congratulations On Getting 10 Total Follows!

Disclaimer: Featured photo taken from istockphoto

Thank you for everyone! This is a huge achievement for me 💜 I believe in celebrating small victories, it’s one way of defining success. 🙂

I’ve been blogging since I was 16 years old, there was no wordpress back then, so I was using blogspot.

It’s funny when you try to re-read your old blogs. I was laughing when I read my first ever article, It was dramatic, annoying, cringey and confusing.

It was full of life though.

I can’t even remember why I wrote it. I have a bad habit of mixing ideas that they become complicated and irritating.

Now, I think I’m much more comfortable and confident to write. I’ve been hiding my blogs ever since cause I’m scared but then I’ve decided that words should be read and stories should be shared.

I never even thought that someone would be interested enough to read our blog. Lol

None of this is possible if not for:

1. God, who gave us the gift and the desire to write.

2. My number one editor/writer/husband – Miko! A man whose gift has been hidden for a long time. Let’s go Miko!

3. The readers who thinks our blogs are awesome! Thank you! I hope you continue visiting our site ♥️

Thank you for your time 💜

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