Hiatus, Why We Need It.

Lately, I’ve been pushing myself to keep writing articles everyday so I will never run out of ideas. Plus, they said I can also gain the reader’s trust by posting an article everyday.

So, I did my best to produce a quality and interesting blog everyday.

I love to write and my head is full of ideas, but I realised, putting words from your mouth should come from your heart not only from your mind.

I got burned out from waking up at 7:00, sometimes 5:00 just to start researching on topics that can help me. I want to learn more about how to keep the traffic in my site and all.

Until I read a blog that says, “writing is all about speaking words through a pen from your heart. That’s why you need to think about every word you write, every sentence you construct, and every idea you share, everyday.”

So, I changed my habit from writing everyday, to maybe every other day, and publish at least 2-4 articles a week. I think that’s way better.

I think I got too excited from having loads of ideas I have in head. Maybe because I’ve always wanted to write ever since but I can’t due to my 12-hours shifts as a nurse.

But now, since God gave me the time to explore my goals and pursue my dream to write, I think I should spend it wisely.

What do you guys think of writing three times a week? Is it much better than producing a blog everyday? Let me know your thoughts in the comment. I think nobody can talk about this topic better than you guys.

4 thoughts on “Hiatus, Why We Need It.

  1. Whoa, writing every day is a tough schedule indeed. Glad this new routine is better for you. I can barely keep up with my once-a-week schedule, though I’ve been thinking about upping that lately. Anyway wishing you all the best for your writing journey!

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    1. Yeah, it’s difficult to be honest. But i’m really doing my best to stick with my everyday schedule but it’s just too tiring so I thought i’ll take it easy and just write for at least 3-4 times a week. Once a week sounds good too! Thank you 🙂


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