Compilation: A Year in New Zealand

God has been really good to us. This video is a compilation of some of the best places we’ve been in the southern island of New Zealand and the wonderful people we’ve known along the way.

Living far away from home means being separated from your old self. So, instead of focusing on your homesickness, why not wander around and explore the beauty of your city. Remember, God created the world with the best of the best.

We’ve hiked some of the best trails in South Island, New Zealand – Roys Peak, Pineapple Track, and Mt Cook. We’ve visited the famous Wanaka Tree and Milford Sound – videos and pictures to follow.

Roys Peak

And one of the best things that happened to us was when we met the people who became family.

I’m happy that God introduced these people to us. They’ve taught us that life is worth living despite the difficulties. They taught us that we shouldn’t rush things because time has its way of getting ahead, and it’s something that God doesn’t want us to know yet.

We have friends that are not included in this clip because we lost some of the videos we had with them. But, you know who you are guys, thanks for always being with us. You guys may be miles away, from north to south, still, thank you.

Thank you for the laughter, lessons, encouragement, hospitality and for being our strength when everything seems to be failing.

Credit to the Culture Trip for the Photo

2 thoughts on “Compilation: A Year in New Zealand

    1. That’s true! It never gets old, even though we’ve been there several times, I still find it awesome 🙂 I think Queenstown is one of the best places in the world to engaged 🙂 And to get married too! ❤


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