Why Is God Strong When We Are Weak?

When I was young, my mom always tells me, “God is strong when we are weak” whenever we face difficulties with life. And it is a phrase I never understood not until recently.

I haven’t posted anything for the past few days because I participated in our mid-year prayer and fasting. I had a few prayer requests, but I mostly focused on giving thanks. 

I’ve been partaking in our church prayer and fasting for almost 10 years. Of all, I felt that this mid-year was the most challenging. It was so hard to put my focus on God alone. Apart from the fact that my head is a spaghetti junction of troubled thoughts, I also work as an ED nurse.

After so many years of doing it, this is the first time I’ve become too distracted for some reason, I’m not sure why. I struggled cause I didn’t know what the problem was. Then I remembered the seven words my mom keep telling me whenever she feel troubled.

God is strong when we are weak. 

So, I sat down, drank coffee and ponder on those words. Then a few heartbreaking thoughts came into my head. 

I realized that I’m distracted because I’m doing pretty well. Yes, I still have problems, but it’s manageable compared to the issues I had before. I’m much more settled and content with what I have. In contrary to the life I had for the past few years, I’m doing way better this 2021. Unlike before that I had to rely on God alone for everything.

But now, my selfishness is starting to take over my mind, soul and body. My heart is full of greed and my thoughts are all over the place. All I ever think about is my job, blog, wife duties and responsibilities to my family. 

Mt.Cargil We always pray whenever we reach the peak, my husband said that for some reason, he feels closer to God.

I don’t want to be that someone who prays just because I need something. I want to be that person that does not forget God even when the circumstances are not in my favour.  

I think this is what happens when we’re doing okay. We don’t seek Him anymore, and give Him the attention He deserves to have. I pray to give thanks, but sometimes I get the feeling that I’m just chanting empty prayers just to say that I did. 

I believe that God is the only light that can take us out of the dark. So, on the last day of prayer and fasting, I tried to remember different scenarios in my life that I had to call out to God desperately.

And surprisingly, it did help me to connect with God. But it doesn’t mean that it only happens when you’re sad, lonely or broken.

I remembered some of the random stories my friends told me. They find it surprising that whenever they feel that there’s no hope or when there’s overwhelming joy, their heart tells them to pray to God. I think recollections like these are reminders that whatever we do, God is always in control.

He wants us to be happy. He doesn’t want to see us suffering. He always wants what’s best for us. But unfortunately, as soon as He begins to answer our prayers, we disregard Him and ignore His plans for us. We begin to forget the days when we were desperately praying for the blessings we now have.

That’s why God is strong when we are weak because we only call out to Him sincerely when our problems are out of control, when our selfish plans have failed and we have exhausted every last bit of hope this world offers. 

And most days, instead of seeking Him first when trouble comes, He becomes our last resort 💔

I hope that may we all remember Him every day. Even when times are good, even when we have what we need. I pray that may we always find the hope and the joy that comes from Jesus Christ alone. 

Thanks for reading! God bless you ❤

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