My Thoughts on Getting Pregnant

Well, lately our life has been quite complicated. When we got married earlier this year, we told ourselves that we’re ready to be parents. So, we pretty much did everything we can to get pregnant. There were days when we were not even sure if we want to have a kid, especially with what’s happening to the world right now.

Listening to the news have tricked my mind to believe that, getting pregnant is a selfish decision. I don’t know, but to be honest, there are days when I think it is. But of course, since women are complicated and annoying, there are days where all I wanted was to have a baby.

Then again, I never thought that getting pregnant is difficult. But, hey, life is short. Instead of focusing on the negatives, why don’t I think about the positive. I never wanted to be a stay at home mom, so I don’t even know what will I do if I get pregnant. Like, do I stay at home or work? I mean, I got a lot of questions in my head, so I think I’m really not ready.

So, we’re doing everything we can to get pregnant. We started living healthy, less coffee (which sucks by the way), sleep early, drink gazillion of vitamins, and pee on small excruciatingly annoying sticks just to see if I’m ovulating or what.

And I’ve been doing it for nine months, and one thing’s for sure — getting pregnant is expensive. I’ve come to realise that couples who are trying are emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually tough, it’s not easy! Especially for those who are trying for more than a decade! But of course, I believe that God has a plan for everyone.

I dowloaded an interesting app that focuses solely on pregnant and women who’s trying to conceive. It’s called Flo. To be honest, I thought the app will annoy me and make me impatient. But no, it actually inspired me and make me laugh everyday! It’s ironic how people can joke about their desire to have children, thinking about everything they go through — needles, lots of medications, carnival of emotions and a whole lot more needle in the vagina.

I’ve met all kinds of people who’s like me in that app. It’s a nice one cause it will not show anything about its members. It just uses cute animal avatars that don’t have names, so you will not have any idea who you’re chatting to, who the people are, and where are they from. You won’t have any idea who’s reading your story and comments.

The members open up and share everything to everyone, and it’s really nice! They support each other and share happy and devastating stories. I never had any idea till I downloaded the app. And because of everything that I read in that app, I’m now much more annoyed with people who keep on asking the when and why to couples who are happily married.

I salute women like me who’s trying to conceive and the future dads too!

It doesn’t matter if you make love a lot, if it’s not your time, then it’s not. But don’t lose hope, if you’re like me, then let’s believe. Let’s both hope that one day, we will have our time. But for now, let’s enjoy the life we’ll say goodbye to when we get knocked up.

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