A Life I Would Like To Live

It’s been a while since my last blog. I told myself that I’ll focus on my writing and make at least one blog every two weeks or every month. But since I’m lazy, I haven’t done anything and became just all talk. And now, I’ve forgotten everything I’ve learned the last time I focused on this website.

Now, I want to start writing again. I want people to read the books that I’m going to write. I don’t want to be rich as a writer, but I want to be a successful one. As I said in a previous blog, writing is a passion that people always come back to even though the world goes into chaos. This time, aside from making blogs each week, I thought I should start working on a dream I’ve long forgotten. It was an impossible ambition because my dad believed that writing as a job was a waste of time since it never puts food on the table. When I was young, he gave me crayons and pencils to write on the wall because he believed everyone deserved to dream even if it was deemed impossible. After a few years and inevitable difficulties, he started to despise the idea and threw all my poems and papers.

I wrote this blog to remind me that I have to continue. To prompt me to be better whenever I feel like I’m procrastinating and throwing my goal outside the window again.

I never thought that the day that I wanted to quit nursing would come. I work as an RN in a busy department every night, and I loved every second of every day. Until one day, I woke up and realised that I don’t want to be a nurse anymore. I tried researching different job posts and vacancies. But despite the numerous results, I just couldn’t get to decide where to apply. If only my phone talked, I can hear it shouting, “APPLY HERE NOW!”.

But I didn’t. Instead of checking out those vacancies, I thought maybe I’ll start writing and make it my primary source of income. Initially, it was a random thought. But that personal whim has haunted me for a month now. So, I sat down, drank my coffee and prayed for guidance — “Lord, what do I do?”

Publishing a self-made book was unthinkable when I dreamt of being a writer. You need to make several print-outs and send them to various publishers, pay the printing companies, get rejected and other impossibilities. But now, thank God for the internet — writers have begun to come out of their shells one by one. Various writing platforms have pop-up and taken the world wide web by storm.

Everybody became a writer! Some of the unheard stories were shared with the world. Moreover, some were even shown in cinemas or became a series. Nowadays, there are a lot of opportunities for aspiring writers, and the success rate is high depending on how motivated they are.

Hopefully, I can be one of those writers who dared to publish their first book and have the motivation to be a doer. As of the moment, I finished four chapters, and I think that’s a great accomplishment. I’m going to enrol in a writing class to be better. I know that my English is not that great because it’s not my first language, but I’m giving it my best to relay the message I want people to understand in my blogs. I’m also planning to read more books to improve my storyline. I love to read, but I mostly finish one book every month. I plan to read one book every week, which was my original goal, to be honest.

Thank you to those who kept reading my blogs and visiting my site. And to those who think my writing is a mess, thank you.

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