There Are No Mistakes In Life, Just Lessons and — Blogging Failures

Well, I like to write. I started when I was, I’m not sure, 12 or 13 years old? I was using the basic pen and school notebook. Then after I discovered the internet, I started blogging. I was using Blogspot, which is now known as Blogger. Then, moving forward a few more years, because of a good friend who shared the same interest, I discovered WordPress.

I was pretty happy and contented. I write one or two blogs in a month, depending on how I feel. So, I thought — “why not make some money off it?”

So, I started binge-watching WordPress tutorials, studying different courses and spent hours working on the design of my website. I bought my first self-hosted site this June 2021, and I thought, “I can do this”.

After a few months of actively blogging, I got exhausted. Even my husband got tired of editing the blogs I’m sending him every day. I thought, maybe, posting or writing a blog every day is not good.

I tried writing three to four times a week. It went well at first but didn’t go so well in the latter. My husband told me, “I think you’re keeping yourself busy with that blog site, and you have forgotten how to relax.”

I got sad, but I thought, “I will not give up and will continue to write.”

So, I focused on my writing and started doing everything on my own. I proofread my articles and made sure that they will be interesting.

After spending hours in Canva choosing the right images, writing blogs related to the categories I’ve chosen, and chatting with Bluehost rep about transferring my domain, I got exhausted. I didn’t sleep well. I had a headache, got too stressed out and lost my focus.

I thought I can work on my blog while working as a full-time emergency nurse. Despite everything, I didn’t stop. I continued writing. I got obsessed with the idea that my blog will be successful. I got too consumed with the thought that I’ve forgotten the fun of writing and playing with words.

And unfortunately, because of my frustrations, I’ve forgotten all the great ideas in my head and my goal. I started struggling and started forcing myself to think about what to write than writing what I think. Before I bought my self-hosted site, I had a lot of unique ideas. Too many that I kept writing them everywhere. I wrote some of them in my notes, on the whiteboard and Ipad. But now, I’m left with nothing but regrets and questions like, “why did I buy the site unprepared?”

Then I decided, maybe I should stop for a while. Until one day, my husband told me, “I’ve been waiting for you to stop blogging. Maybe this time you’ll have more time for me.” I was surprised, and I got really sad. I’ve forgotten how we made a promise, that we’re gonna try to conceive this year. Moreover, he said that ever since I bought Bluehost, all I ever thought about was work.

It got me thinking, what did I do wrong? I followed everything that the groups told me to do. I focused on the important points, so I won’t miss anything. I made sure that I had the dedication to start and maintain the blog. Then after a few days of thinking and several cups of coffee, I realised — “you can’t haggle with time.”

It’s either one or the other. You can’t serve two masters at the same time, Jesus said so. I’ve forgotten that we only have 24 hours, minus 6-8 hours to sleep, and the other 8 hours to work. So, whatever I do, it will never work out, not unless I reduce my hours which is quite impossible at this stage.

I’ve decided, maybe, I should just go back to how I was before – writing articles once or twice a month and hopefully, find the joy of writing again.

I realized this is the first time I’ve checked my site after my last post on the 19th of August.

I know that I need to decide if I’ll keep this site or not. For now, I’ve cancelled my renewable subscription to Bluehost, deleted all this blog’s social media account and placed back all my social accounts just like before.

Furthermore, I realised that I didn’t want any of my co-workers to know that I write blogs, especially with how the term BLOGGER is misused lately.

I want to share my life, misfortunes and experiences with the world, but not tell anyone in broad daylight that I’m improbable roads! I don’t know, I’m odd, and I don’t like it when people say stuff that will make me feel like I’m on centre stage.

Before I decided to make this blog site public and earn from it, nobody knew I was improbable roads, and it was okay for me. But now, after everything, people have been calling me different names and using improbable roads as a way of calling me. I don’t know if I’m the problem or if I’m just too sensitive.

Well anyhow, I felt relieved and happy while I’m writing this article. For now, I’ve cancelled my Bluehost, and maybe I’ll just renew it next year so I can keep this website. I’ve left from all the blogging groups and un-enrolled from all the blogging courses.

For someone who’s starting to write a blog site to earn money, I got three things to say to you:

1. ESTABLISH A PROOF-FOOL PLAN before you start a blog, or buy a self-hosted site. Don’t make the same mistake I did. List your do’s and don’ts properly so that you won’t waste money buying software or whatever that’s online that you won’t need.

2. SIT DOWN AND THINK THOROUGHLY IF YOU’LL HAVE THE TIME TO COMMIT. Creating a blog site that earns money needs a firm commitment and dedication. If you have a full-time job, either you choose or create a blog that can match up with your reality and not your expectations.

3. And lastly, always make sure that the topics you choose or niche is your forte. I’ve changed my categories almost five times. Now, I’m keeping the ones I like. Be yourself, and you’ll be surprised how far your ideas can take you.

3 thoughts on “There Are No Mistakes In Life, Just Lessons and — Blogging Failures

  1. I can totally relate, and I hope you find your mojo once more. Sometimes it’s not about writing in hopes of good results, but in nurturing your love for blogging or writing and letting the results take care of themselves. Wishing you all the best no matter what you choose to do with your blogging! And yes, multiple posts a week can be heavy. Take care!

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